Know Chitra

UK based Carnatic vocalist, Dance & Music instructor, South Indian playback singer,  Bharatanatyam exponent , Academician, Social & a Cultural entrepreneur

She hails from a family of musicians and with a rich musical lineage. Her doting parents noticed early her aptitude for dance and music. Her parents encouraged her and provided a favourable ambience to hone her talents under renowned Gurus in Bharatanatyam and Carnatic music.

Born into a family of musicians and with a rich lineage, she comes from a traditional South Indian family, she started her musical career under her mother Smt.Susila Seetharaman, a senior Carnatic vocalist. Her parents encouraged her and provided a favorable ambience to hone her talents under renowned Gurus in Carnatic music, and Bharatanatyam.

Chithra is the Founder and Artistic director of ShruthiUK, a South Asian Arts organisation based in Birmingham, U.K. She started her company 12 years ago with her main focus to encourage, educate and train children and young adults from various origins to experience South Indian Classical Music and Dance.

She has been helping make South Indian Classical Dance more accessible through holistic healing to disabled children and senior citizens with Autism, Dementia and Alzheimers.She also engages, educates and empower a the underprivileged women and children from ethnic groups to experience Indian classical dance and encourage keeping healthy.

She has a broad range of experience in South Indian Classical music and dance, teaching, choreography and performance; gained from working as a free lance artist with various art organization across the U.K.

Chithra is recognised for her exceptional care and holistic methods whilst dealing with people with Dementia, Autism and other health issues and helping them lead a normal life and with confidence.

Chithra pioneered the British Carnatic Choir- Nation’s leading Carnatic Choir, launched for the first time in Great Britain in 2015. Her vision is to take Carnatic music to the common people and give them an opportunity to learn or experience the music style.

Her vision to unite Britain through Carnatic music through reinforcing British values in schools made her launch the British Carnatic Youth Choir.

Chithra is an active supporter of several charities and has raised funds for humanitarian causes for several charities in th U.K. and elsewhere.

She aims to be a role model to the youngsters in taking pride of their rich cultural tradition and heritage and as a cultural ambassador for the sustenance of the arts and culture in the U.K.

Chithra was a finalist at the British Asian Awards and the English Asian Awards in 2016.
She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

With her accomplished musical training and her versatility and ability to sing in different genres, she made her debut in the Tamil Playback industry in 2004.She performs live shows in Bollywood music and in regional languages in the  U.K.

She is blessed with a mellifluous, resonant voice and her command over bhakti (devotion) and clarity in her presentation is highly appreciated by the musicians and the critics.

With a career extending over two decades in the field of music and dance, the countless connoisseurs, and the critical acclaims received in her concerts and performances would bear ample testimony to her arts. She has derived a distinct style of her own, creative and innovative  thematic  presentations. She has also unfolded the Classic music effectively in all areas including light music and fusion music, besides concert presentation.

She has performed extensively in India, Middle East and at very prestigious gatherings and venues all over the U.K.
Chithra is a fellow of the Royal society of Arts, London (FRSA)

Audience comment
“Dr. Chitra Ramakrishnan’s Carnatic Vocal concert on the occasion of Kumhabishekam of Lord Balaji Temple, Tividale, has left a wonderful memory in my mind. The compositions she delivered were in the right tempo, filled with all important ingredients, ‘Bhakti & Bhava’. The artist is gifted with lucid and pleasant voice, which makes her singing mature and confident with no superfluous add-ons. Her performance was very pleasing to the ears indeed! ” – Mrs. G